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Our Philosophy

Established in 2017, this little yellow house surrounded by 7 acres, had a story to itself. Ours would be the one that would change each time the door opens. Three years planning on what to do with this old yellow house. Never would we have thought that we, ourselves, would open a restaurant. When understanding everyone wanted to tear this house and build a new structure? Just like in the movie "UP" it will leave flying away lifted by the balloons ascending to the sky. We are just like the characters too... (Marina) resembles Ellie the adventurer, (Bryan) Carl Fredricksen ,who understands that developments usually will remove the old neighborhoods building commercial property. We thought and thought, what should we do? Who should we do this for? And what is our reason why? A restaurant that would bring families, relationships our love for giving back and having a team we could trust bringing a friendly and a menu of exquisite choices bringing a new concept to our community. Where a huge screen would be the center of entertainment. Sports, movies, documentaries, our clients pictures to celebrate each other, even if far away could send a video, a message to their loved ones. Where businesses could feature their logos before a movie. Enjoying all of this in our outdoor patio, while children are at play, enjoying the warmth from the three fire pits that represent memories to be built through past, present, and future. Where children on Sundays have their own children buffet. Where every Christmas they enjoy our favorite event "It is snowing at The Butler House" Where car clubs gather for brunch. Where music sounds on weekends. Where a piano that stands in the main dining area can be played by anyone that feels like playing it. Wine diners, corporate events, bridal showers, baby showers.... We become a canvas to your needs. We decided to decorate it ourselves, going all out into our vision: when our front door opens it, is a celebration of that. From the moment you drive in, each paving was placed by Innerfaith Disciple House. The tables were all built in house, and if you peak under the tablecloths, you will see how the instrument in old times that was used to carry ice resembles how not to let your goals, missions and dreams freeze if carried in the er arms. Our fireplace room, the same one that existed when the house was built, to bring warmth and enjuy ment. Each corner has a chapter: the bar, for example, recreates how cold copper can transform into beautiful blues through a chemical reaction Resembling how someone going through tough times can fill their life with color. 7 Acres, our love for Butler PA, a town where Bryan was born. The word Butler, just like in the series "Upstairs Downstairs" but us as servants of the Lord. Yes, our goal for the office and retail business architecture was to bring Butler to Texas. (You can visit our Butler Pantry and view the replicas of every building in Butler PA) Our hearts were poured into creating a place where you feel welcome. Every age, every culture, every day is for us a new day. Thank you to our amazing April for our logo and Brady for being part of the pillars that now support our outdoor patio. You both are with us here and always as: permanent stamp to our story.
Welcome to The Butler House. A home away from home.
Thank you,
Marina and Bryan

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